Cop With 90 Misconduct Complaints Promoted to Commander

Jack Burns | The Free Thought Project

Chicago, IL — For many professions, one solitary charge of misconduct is enough to get someone fired.

While some people might get forgiveness and a pass on one charge, multiple charges will, more often than not, lead to termination of one’s employment.

But with police officers, as The Free Thought Project has consistently reported over the years, they seem to wear reports of misconduct as a badge of honor and are often promoted.

“Cmdr. James Sanchez has been a subject of at least 90 formal complaints since joining the force in 1985, according to the records, obtained through the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. Most of those complaints alleged excessive force or improper searches,” writes WJCT.

Sanchez, a Chicago police officer, was recently promoted to Commander, even after amassing nearly one hundred cries from the public of misconduct, leaving many to speculate just how many more citizens refused to come forward, fearing retaliation for filing a report against Sanchez.

Based on the findings in the FOIA request, “Sanchez, who was promoted…to commander last August, has nearly twice as many complaints as any of the department’s other 21 district commanders — and about five times their average.”

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