Cop Admits to Sex with a Child, Escapes Jail AND Gets $15K in Severance Pay

Carlson, who’s been on paid vacation for over two years since admitting to having sex with a minor — was not even fired.

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

Ely, MN — On October 14, 2015, Sgt. Jason Allen Carlson, with the Ely police department, was indicted on charges of third-degree criminal sexual conduct for admitting to having sexual relations with an underage girl. It took over two years, but in January, the officer pleaded guilty. However, because of his blue privilege, Carlson will not see a single day in jail — and, as we’ve just learned, he’ll receive severance pay from the department.

Carlson, who was described in court as an acquaintance to the girl’s parents, admitted to breaking the law. He admitted to taking the girl, against all department policy, on ride alongs with him. She wasn’t even old enough to drive yet.

During the indictment, Carlson also admitted to having sex with the child.

“I engaged in sexual contact with an individual who was at least 16 but had not reached the age of 18,” Carlson stated in a plea petition. “I knew I could not do so.”

Because Carlson was in a position of authority, his acts with this child were that much worse, as she could’ve been intimidated into the relationship.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, a St. Louis County grand jury in October 2015 indicted Carlson on a felony third-degree criminal sexual conduct charge, alleging that he was in a “position of authority” over the victim.

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