Cop: Americans Who Think That Black Lives Matter are a “Terrorist Group”


A cop, who believes the US President favors African-Americans, Al Sharpton is a criminal tax evader and Louis Farrakhan is an “ignorant son of a bitch”, feels he lost his job because his first Amendment rights were not upheld.

He also says the Black Lives Movement is a farce, “an American-born terrorist group” to be precise.

North Carolina’s Police Chief Mike Halstead made these disturbing comments on his Facebook page on September 3.
He also added that the media is biased and does not provide any coverage or advocacy when a police officer is killed on duty.

What is more unsettling is that admitted instructed his staff to shoot when they felt threatened – he left the definition of what counts as dangerous to the discretion of his staff.

This comes at a time when 2014 figures show it was the safest year police officers have had in a decade. Preliminary statistics from 2015 indicate that the trend has continued.

Fortunately, authorities did not take kindly to the chief’s social media rants.

Surf City Mayor Zander Guy called an emergency meeting of city commissioners on September 15, where Halstead was forced into an early retirement.

The senior cop says his other option was to be terminated from service. He was expected to end his tenure immediately, however he requested another 60 days of service to support his family.

According to Town Manager Larry Bergman, the 35-year veteran cop was in serious violation of police department rules in relation to social media.

Footage has also emerged of a brief conversation between Halstead and a female colleague, as he left the meeting.
“We are behind you chief,” a woman is heard saying.

The disgraced policeman replies: “Well, apparently nobody is”.

“Yes we are, you let us get the word out,” she responds.

For most Americans, this is an upsetting episode, arguably an insight into feelings of resentment amongst certain factions of law enforcement.

In a Facebook disgruntled post following the meeting, Halstead said he had been bereft after years of loyal service to the department.

“I was thrown under the bus,” he wrote

He also commented, sarcastically, that he would learn to eat beanie wienies for a few months now.

Watch the video below:

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