Cop Arrests Woman Then Messages Her on Facebook and Demands Nude Pics

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UPDATE (4/14/15): Officer Will Get Prison Time

The Associated Press reports as follows:

A former Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper accused of forcing female motorists into sexual acts in exchange for dropping traffic charges was sentenced to five years in federal prison Thursday for violating their civil rights.

Bryan D. Lee, 31, had pleaded guilty in October to four counts of violating the civil rights of the women motorists and one count of cyberstalking involving threatening messages sent to a woman he had pulled over twice within a month’s time.

LANCASTER, OH — Officer Bryan D. Lee, 30, of Lancaster has pleaded guilty to four counts after being charged for pulling over females and coercing sex from them in exchange for not writing them tickets, as well as an additional count of cyberstalking a woman on facebook.

This isn’t the first time Officer Lee has come under fire.

In the past he was accused of not ticketing fellow police officer who were speeding over 100 miles per hour on their motocycles.

He has also been placed under investigation in the past after a woman reported him for sexual harassment.

According to U.S. Attorney Carter M. Stewart’s office, Officer Lee has been pulling women over, then telling them he wouldn’t write them a ticket as long as they agreed to engage in sexual activity.

He would then pull out his cell phone and take pictures of the women’s body parts as he groped them, according to reports.

It is not yet known whether Officer Lee shared these photos with his buddies back in the department.

The charges compelled Officer Lee to resign last year, and he is now facing trial.

“Public trust is one of our first priorities, and individuals like Lee compromise that trust,” said Lt. Craig Cvetan, spokesman for the patrol.

In one appalling case in Lancaster, Lee is reported to have pulled over two women.

The woman driving was drunk. Officer Lee admitted that he let the woman continue driving drunk without being charged, but he told the other woman — the passenger — to get in his car for “a ride home.”

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Instead of taking the female passenger home, Officer Lee pulled into a secluded alley.

He then began groping the woman’s bare breasts — while doing so he pulled out his phone and took pictures of it.

In another case, Officer Lee pulled over a woman for “speeding” and instructed her to get inside his police cruiser.

Once she was in, Officer Lee tore up her speeding ticket in exchange for intercourse as well as pictures of her bare body parts.

Another victim had accidentally crashed her car.

Officer Lee accused her of “being drunk,” and proceeded to handcuff her. As she was handcuffed, Lee had her bend over his police cruiser in an area where the dashcam couldn’t film them.

Once she was bent over the cruiser, Officer Lee began grabbing her breasts and thrusting his penis against her handcuffed hands, according to reports.

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Officer Lee’s sexual misconduct included facebook stalking. According to court records, Lee pulled over another woman and began groping her body. After doing so, he locked her inside a jail cell because she had an outstanding warrant and had been driving with a suspended licence.

Officer Lee gathered all her information and found her on Facebook. Once she was released, he sent her facebook messages demanding that she send him nude photos of her body.

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These are just the reported cases. It is not known whether there were several other women whom Lee victimized during his career as a police officer.

He is scheduled to be sentenced soon and could receive time in prison. Some suspect that he’ll get an extremely light sentence due to his state-privilege. His case will be updated as more information is made available.

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