Cop Beats and Falsely Arrests Man for Asking Cop Not to Block Driveway

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

Louisville, KY — Deric Baize had committed no crime and was in his own home when a belligerent cop, with a history of brutality, attacked him, tasered him in the back, kidnapped him and threw him in a cage for weeks — causing him to lose his job, his house, and his dignity. On Monday, that cop, deputy Matthew Corder with the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office, was sentenced to more than two years in jail for that fateful night.

The incident began in October of 2014 as Corder arrived in the neighborhood responding to an unrelated call and chose to park in front of Baize’s driveway instead of on the shoulder. When Baize asked the deputy to move his car and not block the driveway, Corder, being the belligerent cop that he is — refused.

After Corder refused to move his vehicle, Baize told the officer to “F**k off.” This response caused the deputy to snap and immediately resort to abusing his authority.

Without probable cause, or a warrant, or reason, Corder ordered Baise out of his home, who refused. So, Corder, drunk on power and anger, forced his way in and attacked the innocent man.

“You’re about to get your ass tased,” warned Corder, as he forced his way into Deric Baize’s home.

“I am asking a question,” Baize pleaded as he’s being assaulted by someone who claims to keep society safe.

“I don’t need no warrant dude,” said Corder.

“No, no, no, no, no,” screamed Corder to a handcuffed Baize. “F**k gets you a whole different ballgame buddy.”

“I apologize,” Baize said.

“F**k that, “ Corder said. “You get to go to jail tonight.”

Apparently saying ‘F**k’ only gets you arrested if you’re not a tyrant cop.

As WDRB reports, the deputy charged Baize with fleeing and evading, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.  Baize sat behind bars for two weeks, deemed a danger to the public. He lost his job and eventually his home.

“It’s made (Baize) very reticent to interact with the public and to be out in public areas,” Attorney Todd Lewis said. “A great amount of anxiety and distrust.”

In spite of Corder receiving dozens of awards and commendations as a deputy, in an apparent attempt to mask his brutal record, his past would not go away. According to a report by WDRB, Corder has a violent record — and, he’s even beaten someone else for using the word ‘F**k’ before.

Corder’s attorney attempted to claim that he was ‘baited’ into assaulting, kidnapping, and charging an innocent man with a slew of fake crimes. However, his nearly 20-year history of beating people made this defense a hard sale.

“What happened here is not a misunderstanding or a mistake,” Judge David Hale said.

“As they serve and protect, police are entrusted with immense power and authority,” stated U.S. Attorney John Kuhn, “and it is absolutely critical that their power and authority be used lawfully and responsibly. Matthew Corder abused that authority, and today he is held to account. His actions are not representative of the good and honorable work that distinguishes our law enforcement agencies in the Western District of Kentucky.”

Corder will also have to pay restitution to Baize for the time he spent in jail and the home he lost while he was unemployed because of it, according to WDRB. However, the exact amount has not been determined.

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