Cop Beats Man and Stomps His Head for Asking Him to Move His Car

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Sacramento, CA — Not once, not twice, but the taxpayers of Sacramento have been held liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars, three times because of the actions of a single vicious cop. For the third time in only six years, Sacramento taxpayers have once again been robbed to pay for Deputy Paul “Scotte” Pfeifer’s brutality.

The latest settlement was for $200,000, paid to John Reyes after Pfeifer tasered, pepper sprayed, and beat him with a flashlight for no reason outside of a Starbucks last September.

Federal court documents dismissing the case were filed Tuesday without any admission of wrongdoing by Pfeifer or the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, according to the Sacramento Bee.

“It is disappointing and almost unbelievable that the Sheriff’s Department continues to maintain that Pfeifer did nothing wrong,” said Reyes’ attorney, Stewart Katz. “The department is clearly incapable of honestly evaluating the conduct of its personnel.

“As for Mr. Reyes, the proceeds of the settlement allowed him to clear his family support obligations and buy some property and a home, as opposed to being homeless on the streets of Carmichael. That part of it gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction.”

In all three lawsuits, Pfeifer was accused of beating suspects with his flashlight. Two of these beating were captured on video.

Mickey Donohue, 49, was brutally beaten by Pfeifer after a short car chase. That incident was caught on dashcam. 


The latest suit, involving Reyes was captured on a bystander’s cellphone.

As Reyes attempted to cross the street, he noticed Pfeifer’s patrol unit blocking the road, which made him have to carry his groceries into dangerous traffic. So, according to Reyes, he politely asked the officer to stop blocking the road.

The suit claims Reyes twice asked the officer – politely – to move his car, then when he was ignored, escalated his request by saying, “Move your f—— car,” and extended his middle finger in a sign of disrespect.

Pfeifer reacted by pepper spraying Reyes. He then tasered him, threw him to the ground and began stomping on his head and waylaying him with his flashlight.

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