Cop Rams 69-Yr-Old Man’s Head Into Brick Wall


CLAYTON COUNTY — A police officer has now been indicted on a battery charge after physically beating a 69-yr-old man, according to reports.

Officer Ryan hall was indicted on Wednesday and his bond was set at only $2k.

The incident began when Officer Hall and some of his fellow officers showed up to a residence after they claimed they received a “burglary call.”

Dhoruba Bin-Wahad was actually moving into the home and was not a “burglar.”

The officers believed he was anyway, and thought he was “lying,” according to reports.

The officers initiated violence on the elderly man despite his innocence.

At one point when Officer Hall was assaulting him, the man’s head was forced into a brick wall, according to reports.

Officer Hall wrote in his police report that Bin-Wahad was “uncooperative and verbally argumentative.”

Police regularly lie in their own reports to justify misconduct, so taking them seriously would be positively irrational.

Fortunately a neighbor was smart enough to pull out a cell phone and begin filming cops.

The video, contrary to police reports, shows officers yanking Bin-Wahad even though he had been seated on his front porch.

They then rammed his body up against a wall and then pulled him onto the ground, twisting an arm behind his back.

When the video was released to the public, Officer Hall was fired.

Charges against Bin-Wahad were dropped.

Watch the video below:

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