Cop Breaks Into Man’s Home, Tackles Him, says “You answer to ME!” and Reaches for Gun

breaks into mans house

JEFFERSON PARISH — A disturbing video has surfaced online showing a police officer breaking into a man’s home and tackling the man for no apparent reason.

The man, who has not yet been identified, appeared to be startled in the video when the cop showed up at his door.

He can be heard asking “Why are you here? What did I do wrong?” and similar questions throughout the video.

To which the cop yells things like “I don’t answer to you, you answer to ME!”

The cop has the man pinned down and at one point appears to reach for his sidearm as the man screams “Please don’t shoot me, Sir! Please don’t shoot me!”

Details from the police department are forthcoming as to why the cop was there in the first place.

What is clear is that the man did not pose any threat to the officer.

Yet he had the nerve to tell the man in his own home: “you answer to me!”

It’s bad enough for a cop to think he’s God when he interacts with people on the streets.

But to enter someone’s private home and do it is downright unnerving.

Did this cop have a search warrant? No.

Was he in the least bit respectful to the home owner? No.

Was he protecting this man? No.

Did the man break any laws? No.

Did that stop the officer? No.

This is yet another example of someone who evidently believes that the costume he wears gives him the right to treat other humans like scum.

It doesn’t matter if you obey the law. It doesn’t matter where you live or how obedient you are. If they can do it to others, they can do it to you.

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