Cop Burns the Body of a 3-yr-old Child for “Not Letting Him Sleep”

SPRING HILL — Cody Marrone, a Hernando County cop, was taken into custody over the weekend after it was discovered that he used the hot end of a hairdryer to repeatedly scorch the body of a 3-yr-old toddler, according to reports.

Cody Marrone

The toddler did not belong to Marrone but was left in his care.

The 3-yr-old was found with severe burns all over his body,  sources say.

Officer Marrone took particular care to make sure that the child’s genitals were burned, reports say.

Officer Marrone was charged with aggravated child abuse and child neglect.

At first, Marrone claimed that the child “did it to himself.”

But after deeper investigation, it was determined that the burns were not accidental.

They were intentionally inflicted on the child over and over again as the child screamed and cried, reports say.

After the investigation, Marrone finally admitted to using the scorching hot end of the hairdryer to burn the child’s body.

He said that he did it “as punishment” because the child wouldn’t let him sleep, according to reports.

Marrone was held in jail but has since been released on bail.

Meanwhile, one can only imagine whether the child has been traumatized for life.

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The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office told Bay 9 News that additional details would be released soon.

UPDATE: Blisters and 2nd Degree Burns all Over His Body, Toddler Likely Has Permanent Damage

This is an example of a 2nd degree burn. The cop inflicted 2nd degree burns and red swollen blistering in several parts of the child’s body, including his genital area.

According to newly released information published by Bay 9 News, the child’s scorched skin “continued festering throughout the day” without any medical attention.

There are no details as to what exactly the cop was doing “throughout the day” as he left the burned child in agony.

It turns out that the child’s mother had to work and trusted the cop, who was her boyfriend, to take care of her child while she was gone, according to reports.

It wasn’t until the child’s mother returned home and was undoubtedly horrified by the injuries that the child was rushed to the hospital.

According to the medical reports, the cop’s actions caused 2nd degree burns and blistering to several parts of the child’s body, including the child’s genital area.

Medical professionals at the hospital indicated that the child probably has permanent damage as a result.

UPDATE: More Details Emerge on Cop Burning Child

The manner in which this officer burned the child’s body has come to light as the trial proceeds.

It turns out that he paid particular attention to ensuring that the child’s genitals were burned, reports say.

As reports:

Marrone first waited for the metal grill of the dryer to heat up, Circuit Judge Stephen E. Toner said at a sentencing hearing on Thursday.

He then pressed hard enough for the grill, which was recessed from the end of the dryer, to touch the boy’s skin, and held it there long enough to inflict several permanent scars.

“This took time,” Toner said of the Jan. 17 crime. “It took enough time that I don’t see how anyone could contend this was a snap (decision). It was enough time for him to stop.”

UPDATE: Cop Gets 15 Years in Prison After Burning Child’s Genitals

In what appears to be a rare instance of justice, Officer Marrone has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Many still believe the sentence is too light, given that the child might well be traumatized for life.

Plus, Marrone did not appear to be remorseful about what he did. He was reported as telling people “Nothing’s going to happen to me. I’m not going to prison” after being caught burning the child.

He was wrong.

We can only hope that he will feel a modicum of remorse at some point during the 15 years that he’ll be spending behind bars. reports as follows:

Also, Daly said, Marrone did not show remorse as he committed the crimes, to which he had previously pleaded no contest, or during the several hours that followed.

Sherron [his girlfriend at the time] had left the child with Marrone when she went to work that Friday morning. He burned the boy because he would not let him sleep after his shift, Daly said. And though the boy was clearly injured, she said, Marrone left him “untended, unfed and uncared for while the defendant slept for several hours.”

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