Cop Charged With Animal Cruelty, Left Dogs Starving and Covered in Feces

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DALLAS, TEXAS – A disturbing report has surfaced online according to which a police officer in Dallas Texas has been caught for animal cruelty.

According to reports, the police officer trapped dogs in a home without proper food or water.

The dogs were starved so badly that, according to Police Chief Shawn Martin, you “could see the skin and bones of them.”

Officer Kandy Standige is 50-yrs-old and was taken into custody when officials received a call regarding the condition of the dogs on Saturday.

Officer Kandy has been charged with animal cruelty, but many are wondering whether she’ll actually be punished for it, given that she is a police officer.

The innocent animals “were shown to be in poor health and [Officer Kandy] failed to provide necessary care for the dogs,” according to reports.

“They have not been loved in a long time, so they’re not sure about people quite yet,” said Stephanie Knight, a communication specialist who works with animals.

The dogs “were cruelly confined inside of a feces-filled, urine-soaked house on the property,” according to reports.

“The animals appear to have varying health issues, including hair loss, and were covered in urine, feces, ticks and fleas,” reports say.

Watch the video below:

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