Cop Charged With First Degree Murder Involving Citizens at McDonald’s

PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY — A police officer has been charged with murder after his involvement in the shooting of two citizens at a McDonald’s restaurant.

The incident began when Krystal Mange and her husband were at the McDonald’s getting food for their children.

At some point a larger woman approached them with a gun and began making it clear that she was intending to shoot them.

Krystal’s husband tried to wrestle the gun away from the woman, but the woman shot him multiple times in the torso, killing him.

Scared out of her mind, Krystal began running away from the woman who still had the gun.

Unfortunately, Krystal didn’t make it too far.

The woman caught up to Krystal and shot her in the back.

Things started to become increasingly eerie once investigations proceeded.

It turns out that the gun that the woman used to perform the murder was registered with the police department, and was actually a service weapon that belonged to an officer.

The woman eventually confessed to investigators that the gun belonged to her son, a police officer, who let her use it and indeed was orchestrating the murder behind the scenes, according to reports.

“The evidence we believe shows he conspired with his mother ahead of time and assisted her in making the crime succeed,” said Charles County State’s Attorney Anthony Covington.

“That’s first-degree murder,” he added.

According to reports, Officer Richard Conway sent text messages to his mother helping her carry out the murder.

He then thought of ways to cover it up afterwards — possibly using his training or knowledge as a police officer.

The question on citizens’ minds is why did Officer Conway and his evidently psychopathic mother choose to target Krystal and her husband?

As it turns out, Officer Conway used to have a relationship with Krystal.

For some reason, Krystal eventually moved on from that relationship and, in time, started a new relationship with someone else.

Little did she know that Officer Conway would ultimately come after Krystal and orchestrate the murder of her new man.

We await details of whether Officer Conway will be convicted for this murder. Our hearts go out to Krystal and her family.

Watch the video below: