Cop Charged With Lewd Molestation and Abuse of 3-Yr-Old Girl, Lit Child’s Clothes on Fire

Staff photo by KEVIN HARVISON of McAlester News

PITTSBURGH, PA — A police lieutenant has been charged with three felonies involving child sexual abuse.

Lt. Stites faces a count of lewd molestation as well multiple charges of sexual abuse.

The victim is said to be under 12 yrs old.

In fact, reports say that Lt. Stites assaulted a 3-yr-old girl multiple times.

During his hearing, Lt. Stites remained silent.

An Advanced Practice Registered nurse performed an examination on the child and determined that there was sufficient physical evidence that a sexual assault occurred, according to reports.

Investigators then traveled to the location where the sexual assault is reported to have occurred.

What they found there, is downright scary.

The little girl’s clothing had been burned, according to reports.

They were “unable to collect the pull ups that [the child] was wearing due to Martin burning them outside of the house,” said the incident report.

What kind of sick person would engage in lewd molestation of a child and then demonically burn the child’s clothing afterwards? The case is truly terrifying.

Martin Stites has been a cop for over 22 years.

One wonders how many other children he may have come into contact with during that time, and what kind of treatment they received.