Cop Charged With Official Oppression for Beating Entire Family & Kicking Their Dog


HARRIS COUNTY – An officer has finally been indicted on official oppression after he was caught on video beating an entire family and kicking their dog.

It began when David Scherz Jr. pulled into his driveway — according to reports, police began harassing him on his property and accused him of speeding.

Scherz’s mother was home at the time and saw what was happening.

Several individuals have complained that Drummond went "bezerk" when he pulled them over for traffic stops.
Several individuals have complained that Drummond went “bezerk” when he pulled them over for traffic stops.

She approached the scene in order to be a witness and assist her son.

That’s when the cops started harassing her as well, threatening to arrest her for being outside.

“Ma’am, either wait inside or wait in the backseat of my car. I’m not going to ask you again,” said one of the officers, according to ABC Houston.

“It’s my property,” replied the mother.

“I’m not worried about it!” the officer sneered in response. He then tried to arrest the mother.

At this point the father came to the scene and asked the cops “What is the charge? Why are you arresting my wife?”

The cop responded by telling the husband that the mother was “interfering” in an investigation.

“Investigation of what? You are on our property, sir!” the husband replied.

That’s when the police became violent with the family and began beating and arresting them, according to reports.

Officer Drummond, who appears to weigh about 400 lbs, can be seen on the video waddling over to the restrained son and kicking him repeatedly.

Then Drummond can be seen driving his knee into the son, using his weight to crush the son as the son lied face down in the concrete.

At one point the video shows the officer grabbing the mother’s arm and dragging her across the concrete like a rag doll, eventually throwing her to the side.

A small white dog belonging to the family then runs out of the house and begins sniffing around.

Footage appears to show Drummond kicking the dog as it walked away.

The son’s ribs were broken and the father and mother suffered severe injuries.

His ribs were fractured and he suffered cuts and swelling from his face being pounded.
His ribs were fractured and he suffered cuts and swelling after his face was pounded.

According to the attorney suing on behalf of the family, other individuals have complained about Drummond.

“There have been no less than six individuals who have come forward to me since this incident and said they also had problems with officer Drummond,” said the attorney.

“I had several law abiding citizens. I checked their records. They had no crimes on their record whatsoever. “They have come to me and said they have run into Jimmy Drummond on traffic stops and he has been swearing, going berserk and crazy on them as well,” added the attorney.

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Now, several months after the incident, Drummond has finally been indicted by a grand jury on a count of official oppression.

He will get only 1 year in jail if he is convicted, and will possibly have to pay $4000.

He is currently on paid leave, according to reports.

Local news report on the incident:


Watch the raw footage (warning: graphic content)

UPDATE: Court “drops the charges” Against Officer Drummond

Despite video proof of the beating, a Houston judge has dropped the charges against Officer Drummond, ruling that the statute of limitations has run out on the charge.

The result is that the prosecution against Officer Drumond was basically barred on the night before the trial was set to take place.

Brian Rogers, reporting for Chron, provides the following summary:

“It’s extremely disappointing,” said Randall Kallinen, the attorney who filed the federal lawsuit for the Scherz family. Kallinen blamed prosecutors for not filing the required paperwork on time. “They messed up. I don’t know if it was purposeful, but they messed up.”

State District Judge Denise Collins agreed with Drummond’s attorney, who filed a motion two weeks ago arguing that prosecutors did not indict Drummond before the two-year statute of limitations had run out. Prosecutors filed a criminal complaint, charging Drummond with the Class A misdemeanor, a day before the time limit had expired in 2013. Drummond was indicted three months later.

Collins ruled against prosecutors who argued that the criminal complaint was sufficient to keep the case viable, or “toll” it, until a grand jury could investigate and hand down an indictment.

He said the allegations came to his attention in early September 2013, which did not give prosecutors time to thoroughly present it to a grand jury.

Officer Drummond’s defense team is pleased with the result.

Officer Drummond remains working and is now a police Captain for the Montgomery County Constable.