Cop Charged With Raping 7-yr-old Girl


Update (8-23-15): Mom Walked in on Cop Raping Her 7-Yr-Old Daughter: Report

Shocking new revelations have surfaced regarding Officer Michael Thomassie, who has been charged with forcefully penetrating a 7-yr-old child and forcing the child to perform oral sex on his body.

Counter Current News reports as follows:

The trial for Michael Thomassie, entered it’s second day Wednesdays. The officer stands accused of raping a girl more than 10 years ago, who was only 7 years old.

The accuser, who is now 19-year-old, testified Wednesday as well, saying that Thomassie “penetrated” her in the living room home where she lived, before forcing her into the dining room where he forced her to perform oral sex.

The abuse continued until her mother, who had been napping, woke up, walked in, witnessed the abuse and screamed.

Officer Thomassie could face life in prison, but that is only if he is found guilty. Knowing how the system works, he will probably not be found guilty for anything, in principle, because he’s a cop.

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NEW ORLEANS — Now-former police Officer Michael  Thomassie, 39, has been indicted by a grand jury on the charge of aggravated raping of a young girl, according to reports.

The child may have been as young as seven years old.

 Thomassie joined the NOPD in 2002, just 1-3 years before the rape is said to have happened.

The incident is reported to have occurred sometime between 2003 and 2005 when she was between the ages of seven or nine.

Thomassie was around 30-yrs-old at the time.

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The girl was left in Thomassie’s care by someone who presumably trusted him.

A police spokeswoman with the department stated that Thomassie  has been arrested due to the indictment.

He has also been suspended without pay. reports that this indictment comes on the heels of three other officers in the New Orleans Police Department who were reported to be involved in separate criminal activities — all on the same day.

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Thomassie’s bail has been set at $1 million.
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