Cop Charged With Sex Act on Child in His Own Family, Keeps Job, Now Charged Again for Choking and Raping Victim


KALAMAZOO, MI — This case demonstrates what happens when Officers aren’t punished.

Officer Troy Estree was previously charged with a criminal sex act on a 15-yr-old member of his own family.

He was released on bond, and he was never fired or convicted.

Basically, a slap on the wrist.

This lasted an entire year.

Sure enough, now that he’s been free on bond, he now faces three additional criminal sexual conduct charges on a new victim.

The new charges occurred while he was out on bond for the previous charges of a sex crime against a child in his own family.

If he had been arrested and placed in prison, one wonders whether these new charges would have happened.

The new charges stem from an incident during which a family member reporting that Officer Estree gave her alcohol.

After giving her alcohol, he then forced her to have sex, according to the reports.

He then put his hands around her neck and began choking her, reports say.

So he has been charged once for a criminal sex act on a child in his own family, and now again — three more times — for criminal sexual conduct after being reported for choking and raping a victim.

You’d think with all these charges, he would finally be fired and disciplined.

You would be wrong. Actually, he is on “unpaid administrative leave,” according to Emmett Township Public Safety Chief Mike Olson.

The child who reported him previously said that the criminal sex act happened in the officer’s actual patrol car, then again at his home,.

Officer Estree is scheduled to appear in court in August.

It remains to be seen whether he’ll be fired and convicted, or whether he’ll just transfer to another department and continue getting charged with more sex crimes.

Watch the video below:

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