Cops Claim that Americans Who Don’t Like Them are “Racist,” Guilty of “Segregation”

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 “You’re basically racist, but the color you hate is blue.”

Even when cops do try to use their intellects instead of violence, even when they put down their guns and try to form a coherent argument — even then — their incompetency is glaringly obvious.

The latest example was provided when a cop or a loyal police supporter took to the Internet and accused Americans of being “basically racist” for disliking police.

In other words, if you aren’t particularly thrilled to associate with individuals who dress up in costumes and willingly enforce the policies of corrupt politicians while living off of taxpayers’ dimes; who willingly extort money from hard-working Americans in the form of frivolous traffic infractions; who willingly lock millions of non-violent Americans inside steel cages for ingesting a harmless herb; who willingly keep their mouths shut when they see colleagues shooting and raping citizens — if, that is, you dislike modern day police — then “you’re basically racist.”

The accusation was screen captured on Reddit, as follows:

cops accuse f racism

We leave it to readers to form their own conclusions about the IQ of an individual who seriously promulgates such an assertion.

And that’s not even the bottom of the barrel.

There was also the cop who passively-aggressively race-baited Americans after they asked him to leave their coffee shop (video below).

It began when the owners of a Portland shop called Red and Black Cafe were startled to see an officer waddle in with a loaded gun.

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Some of their customers and employees felt uncomfortable, and they determined that the officer’s presence was both unnecessary and potentially harmful to their business.

They kindly approached the cop and informed him that customers felt uncomfortable, and asked the cop if he would mind leaving.

The cop left, but not without making a big fuss about it — to the point of accusing the cafe workers of kicking him out “based on the color my uniform.”

“Which,” the officer continued, “goes back to the days of segregation.”

We guess the reasoning is that cops are just as much victims as blacks in the 60’s who were being attacked by cops who enforced the laws of segregation. Or something like that.

Ever since refusing to serve the cop, the cafe has been harassed.

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“We’ve received threats,” said John Langley, an owner of the cafe. “People have threatened to attack us and break our windows.”

But Langley still stands by his decision to ask the officer to leave.

“If it happened again, I still wouldn’t serve him.”

Watch the cop pretend to be a victim of racial “segregation”

We’ve seen a lot of asinine logic to this end:

– “If you don’t trust cops, you’re probably a criminal.”
– “Most cops are good, my boyfriend’s a cop and he’s a great guy.”
– “Cops are just doing their jobs, if you obey their commands then you’ll be fine.”
– “The dog looked dangerous, he feared for his life.”
– “The homeless man was resisting.”

But this new one — “If you don’t like cops, you’re a racist segregationist because you hate the color blue” — takes the cake.

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