Cop Defends Child Molesting Relative, Launches Campaign of Harassment Against Accuser

Max Chantha |

CALIFORNIA – It seems that the thin blue line has moved into the unquestioning protection of police family members now – even if the protection is given to child molesters.

Border Patrol Officer Martin Rene Duran allegedly falsified records and deprived an unnamed individual of his rights when he launched a campaign of unceasing and illegal harassment, all for the seemingly accurate accusation he made about Duran’s brother-in-law.

The brother-in-law is accused of sexually abusing the boys of a woman he was dating in Tijuana by both the woman he was dating and the boy’s biological father, backed up medical examination.

Instead of doing the intended job of law enforcement – enforcing the law and bringing despicable criminals to justice – Duran began to use his position of power to harass the accusing father, illegally putting him on border watch lists, telling agents he worked at an illegal auto repair shop specializing in drug trafficking vehicles, and even saying he regularly carries a gun – which in the heightened tension of the American border area could be equivalent to a death sentence.

The accusing father was unnecessarily detained several times, at times even with his wife and children, despite it being his family that was being abused.

Clearly upholding justice was not Duran’s goal as a law enforcement officer, as he not only defended a criminal but also broke the law in harassing an innocent man.

This absurd crime was not Duran’s only one either.

He has also been charged with illegally transporting firearms across state lines.

This along with many other examples provides a clear and consistent example that law enforcement officers claiming to fight criminals are often the ones breaking the law themselves, believing that their badge allows them to break the law with impunity as long as it serves their purposes.

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