Cop Doesn’t Get Arrested After Choking and Sitting on Top of Girlfriend


It was supposed to be a time of fun and celebration for Jessica Ford.

She and her partner Jason Lee Ledford had been out drinking on the night of July 25 to celebrate her birthday.

However, eventually her special day became a horror-filled ordeal.

While no one knows what sparked the aggression – 40-year-old Ledford, who was a corporal at the Oklahoma County sheriff’s office, became progressively obnoxious over the course of the night.


Ford says at one point he tried to her into the bedroom even as she screamed for help.

He then sat on top of the restraining her arms and choking the front of her neck.

In her defense she tried to kick and punch Ledford.

She also claims he choked her to the point of unconsciousness, then dragged her by her hair so cruelly that it hyper-extended her neck.

She finally managed to lock herself in a spare room before escaping out of a window.

Police arrived at Ledford’s apartment just after 4 AM on July 26.

A neighbor had complained that they heard excessive screaming from the home.

While he managed to avoid an arrest, the cop was suspended with pay following the report.

Less than a week after the incident Ford filed a protection order from the cop.
It is understood that Ledford resigned last week.

According to a spokesman of the sheriff’s office Mark Opgrande, had he not resigned of his own accord the 17 year veteran cop would have been suspended without pay.