Cop Fatally Shoots Service Dog at 9-yr-old Child’s Birthday Party

IDAHO — A stunning video has surfaced showing an officer kick a dog and then shoot it to death.

The dashcam footage does not show the dog trying to attack or bite the officer, but he was barking and clearly afraid of the officer’s presence.

“It was growling at me,” said the officer, after he executed the dog.

The officer can be seen on the dashcam kicking the dog as the dog yelped.
The officer can be seen on the dashcam kicking the dog as the dog yelped.

The dog’s owner , Rick Clubb, says that the officer was trigger-happy.

The dog can clearly be heard barking after the officer pointed a gun in its face and kicked it.

The dog got out without a leash after Rick’s 9-yr-old son was celebrating his birthday party.

A neighbor called the police when they noticed the dog outside.

The officer can be seen on video aiming his weapon and firing at the dog despite the fact that the dog was noticeably alarmed after being kicked by the officer.

Hooch is a 7-yr-old black lab and has no history of aggressive behavior or attacks.

He was a gentle family dog, missed by his owners and residents in the community.

In fact Hooch was a certified and trained service pet companion, aiding Rick because he has Parkinson’s disease.

“He didn’t have to pull out his .45 and shoot my dog,” Rick said, adding “It was right outside my son’s bedroom.”

“My dogs, they’d get out, yes, but you don’t have to shoot them. There’s other ways around it besides shooting them. Maybe I deserve a ticket, but I don’t deserve a dead dog.” he said.


Watch the video below (WARNING: GRAPHIC)