Cop Found Guilty After Reports of Raping Multiple Young Boys

school cop

PITTSBURGH, PA — A horrifying report has surfaced according to which a police officer who worked on a school campus has raped several young boys.

At least twenty-two boys were reported to have been victims of the sexual abuse, according to the lawsuit.

Officer Robert Lellock was trusted to protect the boys — instead, he had been raping them the whole time, according to reports.

Officer Lellock walked into classrooms on multiple occasions.

Once in a classroom, Officer Lellock would select a boy and remove the boy from class.

Officer Lellock would then lock himself and the young boy in a nearby janitor’s closet.

Once he had the victim secluded and trapped in the closet, Officer Lellock would then begin sexually assaulting the boy, according to reports.

“They were charged with the welfare and protection of the children entrusted to them, and they failed these children repeatedly and systematically by turning a blind eye to the obvious signs of abuse being perpetrated by defendant Lellock,” according to the lawsuit.

According to reports, Officer Lellock repeated this sexual assault dozens of times on multiple children.

Disturbingly, the teachers at the school were said to have looked up to Officer Lellock due to his “position of authority.”

As the teachers were blindly trusting this man, he was busy raping boys the whole time, reports say.

“Not a single teacher reported him, or even questioned him,” states one of the victims in the lawsuit.

“Not a single teacher made an inquiry to the office. This speaks of a failure of training and policy of an unbelievable and conscience-shocking level,” he continued.

Many wonder if hundreds of other boys suffered from sexual abuse at the hands of Lellock, given that he worked for the school for over 20 years, from 1990 to 2012.

Officer Lellock was convicted on 13 charges ranging from indecent assault to endangering the welfare of children.

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