Cop Gave Under Age Girl Ambien to Drug Her, Then Raped Her


jeff mccarty

ADAMS COUNTY — Jeff McCarty’s 14-year-old victim was at his place on December 29 last year when he drugged her with a sedative and sexually assaulted her.

McCarty was chief deputy to the Adams County Sheriff.

As the 46-year-old sat wearing an orange jumpsuit in court, it was hard to believe that this was the man who had served the sheriff’s office for well over two decades.

He had worked through the ranks of deputy, detective, chief of the life squad and sergeant before being appointed Chief Deputy in March 2009.

The incident has shaken the West Union community, which is a tight bunch where everyone knows each other.

Sheriff Kimmy Rogers says not only has he seen McCarty grow up before his eyes, but he also knows the raped teenager and her family.

McCarty was suspended from the sheriff’s office in January.

He resigned when he was arrested the following month.

He has pleaded guilty.

He told the judge he gave the under age girl the sedative Ambien before performing the sexual act on her body.

He will be sentenced on October 26 and faces up to five years in prison.

The victim, Special Prosecutor Seth Tieger says, is hurt.

Her grandfather says McCarty is a predator.

He also believes that since he had vowed to serve and protect the West Union community he should be held accountable to a higher standard than everyone else.

“My granddaughter is sentenced to life with this…I blame myself for letting (Officer McCarty) breathe,” he added.

Watch the video below:

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