Cop Gets 15 Charges Related to Child Molestation, Filmed What He Was Doing to the Child While Wearing His Uniform


CLEVELAND — Officer Charles Locke has been indicted for 15 felony charges involving the molestation of a young girl.

Officer Locke was 42-yrs-old at the time that the sexual battery occurred.

The victim has been traumatized, suffering from mood swings and an inability to trust anyone.

On at least two occasions, Officer Locke pulled out his cell phone while he was penetrating the girl, according to reports.

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He then began filming what he was doing to her.

“In one of these videos, he’s actually wearing his police uniform,” said prosecutor Chris Schroeder. 

The videos were too sexually explicit to be played in court.

The girl’s father showed up at court and condemned the officer for what he did.

“That’s my 15-year-old daughter. That’s my family!” said the father.

The girl’s parents grew suspicious when Officer Locke would take their daughter for a “drive” in his police patrol car.

Officer Locke was supposedly a “good cop” who was “mentoring” their daughter.

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The mother grew so suspicious that at one point she directly asked Officer Locke: “Is there anything other than you mentoring my daughter going on here? Because you knew you would lose your job if it was.”

“I trusted him a lot,” said the daughter.

Officer Locke spoke out in court and made excuses, saying “This is not who I am. This isn’t me…. I didn’t have control”

He claimed that his job as a police officer caused him to work too much, which led to him not being clearly aware of what he was doing to the girl.

Tired of the excuses, the girl’s grandma can be heard interrupting Officer Locke by yelling “ENOUGH!”

Officer Locke was escorted out of the courtroom shortly thereafter.

He is facing a sentence of 19 years.

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