Cop Gets Drunk and Shoots Unarmed Man, Pays $500 Fine With No Jail Time

officer carthan

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY — Officer Chauncey Carthan will not face any time in jail after getting drunk and shooting a man.

The former officer was off-duty and under the influence when the shots were fired.

Officer Carthan has placed many American citizens behind bars on non-violent drug charges, but for the violent act of shooting a citizen he will only pay a $500 fine and avoid serving any time.

He was acquitted on a Wanton Endangerment charge, but found guilty for a DUI.

The shooting incident occurred on September 4, 2012.

Officer Carthan was drinking alcohol at his friend’s house, and proceeded to drive away.

While driving under the influence, he saw another car breaking the speed limit and decided to pull the car over.

He claims that he told the driver he was a police officer, and that he shot the driver after the driver “lunged” at him.

The prosecutor said that the victim was disappointed with the not guilty verdict.

“How can a drunk 0ff-duty police officer shoot someone that’s unarmed and get away with it?” the victim is reported as asking.

Although the criminal case is over, the victim, who was shot in the leg, has filed a civil lawsuit against now-former Officer Carthan.

Officer Carthan apparently feared for his life while drunk and aiming a gun at an unarmed victim.

His defense claimed that he shot the victim because he believed that the victim was going to take his gun and kill him.

Watch the video below:

WDRB 41 Louisville News

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