Cop Grabs Disabled Citizen by the Throat and Slams Him Out of Wheelchair, No Charges


PINELLAS — Sheriff’s Deputy Raymond Ferrio was the subject of an investigation after footage was released showing him abuse a disabled man in a wheelchair.

In the video, Deputy Ferrio can be seen dragging the man out of a wheelchair by his neck.

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The disabled man does not appear to be posing any threat to Deputy Ferrio, and is obviously defenseless in the wheelchair.

But Deputy Ferrio can be seen in the video getting a hold on the man’s throat and literally dumping his body out of the wheelchair and into the ground.

The incident occurred when the disabled man was being taken to an infirmary.

According to reports, the man did not want to go into captivity, so he was putting his feet on the floor to prevent the cop from pushing him into the infirmary.

At no point in the video can the disabled man be seen trying to assault the officer.

Once Deputy Ferrio dumped the man onto the ground, he can be seen punching him and kneeing him.

The attack shattered the man’s replacement teeth.

When he was investigated, Deputy Ferrio admitted that he was “caught up in the moment,” and that his attack on the man was not justified, according to reports.

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So here we have a cop admitting to using unjustified force on a disabled man, plus the video proof to go along with the admission, yet no conviction has occurred.

Instead, Deputy Ferrio has been “fired.” It is not known whether he is seeking work in a new department in a different city.

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