Cop Handcuffs Firefighter for Trying to Save Car Crash Victims


CHULA VISTA — A shocking video has surfaced showing a police officer arresting a firefighter for trying to give aid to victims of a car accident.

Jacob Gregoire, the firefighter, was in the middle of rendering first aid to an injured man in the accident when a police officer rolled up to the scene.

The officer did not like the way that the firetruck was parked by the dividing lane.

The firefighter had to park it there to get to the scene on time to help the victims, but the officer continued to demand that it be moved.

cop arrests firefighter
“It’s unbelievable that you guys have to treat us like this. We are on the road trying to help people,” Gregoire said, as the officer placed him in handcuffs.

Gregoire did not obey the officer, believing it was more important to save the victim’s life.

That’s when the officer literally pulled the firefighter away from saving the man and placed him in handcuffs.

“To detain one of our firefighters in the middle of an incident is ridiculous…” said a spokesperson for the Chula Vista Fire Department.

“It doesn’t provide the good customer service, the good public service that both of our agencies were there to do,” he continued.

Watch the video here:

It’s unbelievable that you guys have to treat us like this. We are on the road trying to help people,” Gregoire said, as the officer placed him in handcuffs.

As the arrest was taking place, personnel on the fire department’s radio can be heard stating: “This is ridiculous. CHP is arresting our engineer for where he spotted the fire engine. We’re in the middle of patient care with patients on the freeway and we’re trying to protect our scene and they’re putting him in handcuffs at this time and walking him away.”

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After the incident a joint statement was released, backed by the police department, which read: “This was an isolated incident and not representative of the manner in which our agencies normally work together toward our common goal.”

The president of the Chula Vista Firefighters Union also spoke out on the incident. “We are stunned. Our Engineer parked his vehicle consistent with our standards and training. We cannot imagine what possible explanation could be given to justify this conduct by the CHP officer.”

“This removed a valuable fire apparatus and crew out of service for approximately one hour. This occurred at the same time another Fire Engine was moved to San Diego to support their fatality structure Fire. We had two districts without service for over an hour,” he continued.

As investigative journalist Paul Joseph Watson points out, this incident illustrates how “some police officers think that their duty is not to protect and serve, but to ensure that all their orders, no matter how dangerous, illogical, or inane, are obeyed without question.”

In 2009, police also arrested a paramedic who did not submit and obey commands, even though the patient clearly needed to be rushed to the hospital.

In another incident, police arrested a firefighter for enclosing an accident to protect a victim. Once again he was handcuffed for disobeying an officer.

One commenter noted, “I guess we should be thankful the cop didn’t shoot the fireman. Even if he did I’m sure it would have been justified.”

Another added, “That’s exactly why so many people hate police, it’s like they think the badge gives hem permission to act any way they want instead of trying to set an example by demonstrating good behavior. Doesn’t help much that the profession seems to attract pricks, either.”