Cop Handcuffs Mentally Impaired Woman and Rapes Her: Court

FORT WAYNE — A police officer in Fort Wayne has been charged with rape and may be convicted.

Officer Mark Rogers was first charged back in September with sexual misconduct. He was placed on unpaid leave, not fired.

Now he faces two additional felony rape charges (according to a report by the Journal Gazette

mark rogersThe charges involve raping a mentally impaired woman and using threats of force to make her submit to it.

Apparently the woman was either intoxicated or mentally disabled. In either case she did not consent.

According to reports, Rogers eventually restrained the woman in handcuffs and put her in the back of his squad car.

He then drove her to a park.

Once he got her in the park, that’s when he began raping her.

Since 2010, the compared data lifted from Cato’s NPMSRP shows that the number of reports of police committing sexual assault are more than double the reports for the general population.

As is always emphasized, these are reported incidents. Nobody knows exactly how many occur without being reported.