Cop Questions Man for “Having Hands in Pockets” During Freezing Sub-Zero Weather



Cop puts his own hand in pocket after stopping man for having hands in pockets.

MICHIGAN — Brandon B Waxx McKean was peacefully walking to his destination earlier this week.

Because the weather was so cold, he kept his hands in his pockets to stay warm.

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You can imagine his surprise when a sheriff’s deputy rolled up on him out of nowhere and began “questioning” him.

The deputy — whose name has not yet been released — insisted that Brandon was involved in “suspicious activity.”

When Brandon asked what he was doing that was supposedly suspicious, the deputy replied “You were walking by.”

“Walking by… and doing what?” Brandon asked.

The deputy replied, “You were making people nervous.”

“By walking by?” asked Brandon again, confused as to how he could make anybody “nervous” just by walking on the sidewalk.

That’s when the deputy elaborated on the reason for the detainment: “Yeah, you had your hands in your pockets.”

obama hands in pockets

The president of the USA with his hands in his pockets… clearly engaged in “suspicious” activity.

Brandon confirmed that yes, indeed, he did have his hands in his pockets like thousands of other people because it was snowing.

That’s when the cop seems to get passive-aggressive and sarcastic, saying “Oh is it an inconvenience to talk to me right now?”

Brandon remained realistic and replied, “Hell yeah it is, because of the whole police situation going on across the country right now. This is outrageous.”

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The officer then appears to back pedal, saying things like “just checking on you,” and trying to awkwardly high-five Brandon.

Many viewers are saying that this stop was not only harassment, but also a full-blown example of racial profiling.

Whatever the case, it illustrates the importance of filming cops.

Who knows what would have happened if Brandon had not had the confidence and intelligence to take his camera out and document the interaction.


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