Cop Indicted For Conspiring to Rape 1-yr-old Baby

“Put Your Hand in His Diaper” “Play With His B*lls” – Disturbing messages released in case of Police Sergeant commanding mother to rape her own infant.

More grotesque details have come to light on exactly what the cop ordered the woman to do to the baby boy.

Randazzo had instructed one of the women to “put your hand inside of his diaper,” “talk dirty to him,” and to “play with his balls.”

The victim was only an infant, only 1 year old.

This week it was discovered that the infant may not be the only victim.

Randazzo also now faces new charges relating to another woman — he told her to molest an 8-yr-old boy, reports say.

The child was drugged at the time, and the woman, who is a 52-yr-old grandmother, did what Officer Randazzo told her to do, according to reports.
UPDATE (6/2/15): Woman States Things “Became Weird” When Cop Talked to Her

A woman who was once thought to be involved in Officer Randazzo’s exploitation of children has now had her charges dropped.

The charges were dropped after her defense team was able to show that there was no way she could have been involved, since she hadn’t even met Randazzo at the time the photos were being exchanged.

When the woman did eventually meet Randazzo, she quickly stopped talking to him because things “became weird,” according to reports.

UPDATE (4/17/15): Court Proceeding Begins

An NYPD Sergeant who was reported for issuing commands to a citizen to perform detailed sexual acts on an infant has entered court for initial proceedings.

The court proceedings began in late March, according to the DA report.

NEW YORK — In a shocking case of sexual abuse, an NYPD officer has been indicted on charges of conspiring to molest a 1-yr-old infant, according to the Daily News.

Sgt. Alberto Randazzo could face a sentence of more than 15 years, but only if he’s convicted.

cop child molestation

Officer Randazzo has been charged after conspiring to perform lewd acts on a 1-yr-old infant.

It happened when Officer Randazzo was caught earlier this year with over 20 pictures on his cell phone and laptop depicting lewd sexual acts being performed on babies and toddlers, prosecutors say.

When his computer was seized, it was discovered that Officer Randazzo had been in contact with a citizen, using a social channel with video.

In the video chat logs, he had been ordering the citizen to molest a baby so that he could watch, reports say. Details as to the nature of the orders that were issued to this citizen are quite graphic.

Reports that at one point, the citizen was instructed to perform oral sex on the baby — the baby was still in diapers at the time.

According to reports, the archived video footage shows Officer Randozzo giving verbal instructions to perform various sexual acts on the baby’s body.

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Officer Randozzo was charged with conspiracy to sexually exploit a child.

After he was set free on bail for the child exploitation charge, Officer Randozzo was reported yet again for evidently downloading up to 30 videos of child pornography.

Randazzo is now at the Metropolitan Detention Center awaiting trial.

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Officer Randazzo has been an NYPD officer for 15 years. One wonders — how many children did he come into contact throughout those 15 years?

How many unsuspecting parents told their children to “trust” Officer Randazzo because he was a police officer?

As a cop, Officer Randazzo would likely arrest people or issue tickets during the day, and then he would apparently go home and enjoy watching 1-yr-old children being raped and molested.

He has been suspended without pay.

Watch the video below:

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