Cop Indicted on Six Counts Involving Child Rape Begs Judge for “Reasonable” Treatment

WEST UNION, OHIO — A now-former Chief Deputy with the Adam’s County Sheriff’s Office is complaining that his punishment is too harsh.

Deputy Jeff McCarty has been indicted on two counts of rape, two counts of sexual battery, and two counts of sexual conduct with a minor.

The charges stem from an incident that took place on December 29 in relation to which Deputy McCarty was reported for “compelling a minor by force or threat of force” to perform sex acts.

Deputy McCarty then raped the 15-yr-old girl, according to reports.

Now that he has been brought to court and indicted, Deputy McCarty has the nerve to plead with the judge for “reasonable” treatment and asking the judge to let him “take care of some business” before his trial.

One wonders, did it ever occur to Deputy McCarty to be “reasonable” and kind to a 15-yr-old girl, or did he violate her with no regard for her feelings?

Judge Scott Gusweiler has set the bond for Deputy McCarty at $750,000. Deputy McCarty has complained that it’s unfair.

“I’m a lifelong citizen of Adams County,” he said.

“…I would just ask the court issue a reasonable bond with the 10 percent and if I’m able to post that, that I may be able to take care of some business before the trial and everything that has to happen,” he added.

Apparently blue privilege did not work for him in this case, because he remains scheduled for another court date on March 2 and still has to pay the $750,000 as a bond in the meantime.

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Deputy McCarty has been “suspended” from the department. He then resigned after the charges came to light.

The nerve of a cop to expect gentle treatment after being indicted for six counts of rape and sexual battery with a little girl is beyond comprehension.

It’s a testament to the fact that so many cops see themselves as gods, perched above the laws that apply to lowly mundane citizens.

Meanwhile, the victim’s suffering and trauma could last the rest of her life.

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