Cop is Found With 87 Sexually Explicit Photos of Children on His Squad Car Computer: Report


When the FBI raided Kylie Kirby’s home looking for evidence of child pornography, they found nothing.

However, the agents were sure they had the right man – they just hadn’t yet found the materials they were looking for.

Nonetheless, one could be forgiven for believing that Kirby’s character was spotless. He had after all, up until the search last month, spent 13 years working for the Live Oak Police Department.

The incriminating images of children engaged in sexually explicit conduct were later found in an unlikely place – in a computer in his squad car.

The man, a father of two teenagers, was found in possession of 87 illegal sexually explicit photographs of underage children.

Agents had been on his trail following an undercover online investigation.

The police chief Buddy Williams says he is in a state of disbelief.

Announcing Kirby’s charges he said “[It is] one of the hardest moments I’ve had to face as a law enforcement administrator.”

However, Live Oak resident Daniel Harris says he is not shocked.

“In this day and age it doesn’t surprise me,” he commented.

Nonetheless, he maintains that the perverted police officer needs to be removed from the streets and put behind bars.

If found guilty, Kirby could face up to 10 years in prison and a lifetime of supervision.

His wayward habit was uncovered as a result of the Project Safe Childhood scheme, which was launched in 2006 by the Department of Justice to control the growing endemic of exploitation and abuse of underage individuals.

The lengthy investigation also involved in pulled from the Columbia County sheriff’s office and the Florida Department of law enforcement.

Chief Williams was looped in when the FBI wanted to carry out a search at Kirby’s home.

In an affidavit agent Abbigail Beccaccio states that the disgraced officer knowingly possessed at least one image that was purchased either Interstate or internationally.

He had managed to delete the images however, thumbnails were still found on the computer.

The police chief is hoping that the department will be able to get past this incident.

"We're all in shock. This is something that none of us would have ever suspected,” he said.

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