Parents Angered After Cop Pushes Boy’s Face Into Snow, Knees Him in the Spine


LITTLE FALLS — “I couldn’t believe what was going on you know. I thought to myself, ‘Is this really happening?'” asked Michael, a 16-yr-old boy who was seen on video being abused and beaten by a cop.

Footage from a surveillance camera has residents of Little Falls, New Jersey shocked as it appears to show a cop pushing the boy’s face into the snow and kneeing him in the spine.

The incident began when the cop knocked on the door of the Michael’s house.

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Michael says that he was home in a t-shirt and no shoes when the cop suddenly knocked on his door.

Police apparently knocked on Michael’s door because they were “looking for someone” whom they claimed was an acquaintance of Michael’s.

When Michael explained to the officer that he didn’t know where such a person was, the officer suddenly grabbed Michael from his doorway and threw him down into the snow, according to reports.

“I got a knee to my head. It was snowing outside, I had no jacket no shoes,” Michael said.

Police came knocking on Michael’s door, looking for his acquaintance Saturday evening, for what we don’t know.

“This officer was much bigger than him and he did something that he shouldn’t have been doing especially to a minor,” said Fina Elsaadany, who is Michael’s mother.

Even though the video clearly shows the officer pushing Michael’s head into the freezing snow and pushing his knee into Michael’s back, Michael has been charged with “resisting arrest.”

Michael’s parents reported the abuse to their local prosecutor, in hopes that the officer will be appropriately disciplined for the assault.

So far the police department has not specified what, if anything, will be done about the officer’s conduct captured on video, citing a pending investigation by the prosecutor.

Watch the video below:

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