Cop Loses It, Hits Man and Screams “I’ll Rip Your F*cking Head Off and Sh*t Down Your Neck!”


UPDATE (3/11/15): Cop Pleads Guilty only to Misdemeanor but not charged for assault

The now-f0rmer Saratoga County Sheriff Deputy Glans has pleaded guilty to charges after being caught on video slapping a man in the face and threatening to defecate on him.

The charges he pleaded guilty to were “official misconduct” and “harassment” — neither of which are felony charges of physical assault, according to reports.

He basically got off the hook.

On the plus side, perhaps he can use the time to deal with his mental issues and better his life instead of attacking innocent people for a government paycheck.

SARATOGA COUNTY — Officer Glans was once driving triple the speed limit and crashed head-on into a father with six children, leaving the father blind and paralyzed, according to reports.

Now Officer Glans is at it again after a video surfaced online showing him lose it and slap an American citizen in the face for not consenting to a warrantless search.

Officer Glans can then be heard bellowing “I can get a lot more intense!”

“I’ll rip your fucking head off and shit down your neck!” he continued belligerently as his gut bounced up and down.

He had no idea that he was being filmed the whole time.

The man in the video had attended a party earlier that night to see some friends.

After a brief stay at the party, he and a friend began walking back to their car.

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That’s when they were suddenly approached by officers who claimed to see a rifle in the back seat of their car.

Roberts said he did in fact legally purchase a .22 rifle — something guaranteed by his 2nd Amendment.

Even though Roberts hadn’t done anything illegal, the officer demanded to search his vehicle.

Roberts clearly articulated to Officer Glans that he did not consent to the illegal search, to which Officer Glans responded “Give me your fucking keys!”

Moments later Officer Glans can be seen waddling closer to Roberts and yelling “Wanna fucking resist?!”

Officers are often trained to taunt citizens — for example, by verbally insulting  them, or physically pushing them — in order to elicit a natural self-defensive reaction from citizens. After successfully taunting a citizen in this way, the officer then has an excuse to beat and stack more charges on the citizen, resulting in extra departmental points, career boosts and “heroic” recognition for the officer.

It appears that Officer Glans may have been doing this by getting in Roberts’s face and inviting him to “resist.”

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Roberts, however, kept calm and did not get physical with the officer.

Despite this, Officer Glans raises his hand anyway and smacks Roberts across the face.

It is not yet known whether Officer Glans will be disciplined for this assault. We will update this article as more information becomes available.

Watch the video below:

UPDATE: The officer has not been charged with assault.

Instead, he has been charged with “misconduct” and “harassment.”

He was placed on unpaid leave and forced to resign from the department.

When a local media agency asked Officer Glans if he regretted his actions, he said that he didn’t. He would only do things differently if he knew he was being filmed.

“If I had to do it all over again … I’d probably do the same thing. If I knew the camera was there, no, because it does look bad,” said Glans.

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