Cop Not Facing Charges After Helping His Brother Get Rid Of Murdered Girlfriend’s Body


John Vibes | The Free Thought Project

Bardstown, Kentucky – Police Officer Nick Houck is under investigation for helping his brother dispose of his murdered girlfriend’s body, and investigators say that forensic evidence ties him to the cover-up. Also, both Nick and his brother Brooks claim that they have temporary amnesia and can’t remember anything that happened during the time of the murder.

According to investigators, traces of blood were found on a blanket and trunk of a Bardstown Police cruiser that was registered to Nick Houck.

Detectives say that Brooks Houck confronted his girlfriend about an affair she was having and ended up killing her, then called his cop brother to help him get rid of the evidence.

During an interview after the murder, detectives told Nick about the case that they had against him.

“We all have times where something just happens. He probably found out that some other police officer or some other person in the town was cracking Crystal, and that very easily could happen … Your brother found out about it, confronted Crystal about it and when he did, he probably tried to maybe do something to her, as far as making her understand that wasn’t going to fly with him. And then after that point, maybe it went just a little bit too far. And when it went a little bit too far, he couldn’t turn back time. And when he couldn’t turn back time, who’s he going to reach out to, but the one person he trusts and knows that will help him out, and that would be you,” they said, attempting to coax a confession out of him.

“Why would your trunk look like a Smurf if they sprayed it? Why would it fluoresce?” one detective asked Nick.

“It lit up like Chernobyl,” he added.

“I don’t have any idea. There shouldn’t be any bodily fluids in the trunk,” Nick replied.

There is also video evidence that shows both of the brothers entering and leaving the family farm just after the murder occurred.

“What we need to know is why you both went down to the farm,” the detective asked Nick.

“I can’t remember,” he replied, adding that “I’m not going to cover something like this up for him. I’m just not that kind of guy. Furthermore, there’s no way he had anything to do with this. If something has happened to her, it wasn’t because of something he did.”

To make matters even more suspicious, Nick agreed to take a polygraph test after the interview but never showed up. Then after he was fired from the police department, he finally did take the test and he failed miserably. Houck was ultimately fired, but he has yet to face any criminal charges.

Below is the interview that Kentucky State Police had with former officer Nick Houck.

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