Raw Video Shows Cop Shoot Handcuffed Teen in the Face With Pepper Spray

UPDATE (5/27/15) Officer Given Paid Leave

It has been announced that the officer who shot two restrained boy’s in the face with pepper spray has been granted paid administrative leave.

He will be placed on this leave while the department “investigates” the incident.

What do they mean by “investigate”? The video is absolutely unambiguous as to what happened.

Are they just going to watch the video over and over again?

This is yet another example of the smoke and mirrors cops throw in our faces when they are caught acting criminally.


ALTON, ILLINOIS — A haunting video has just surfaced online showing a police officer walk into a cell and abuse two teenagers who appear to be restrained in handcuffs.

The video starts with showing the two teens isolated in a cell.

Just moments after the video begins, an officer is seen opening the cell door, aiming what appears to be a can of mace, and spraying it directly onto the teens.

The nonchalant and casual manner in which the officer sprays them suggests that this kind of torture may be a regular occurrence at the department in question.

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One of the teens is seen wincing in agony and desperately stomping his feet as the pepper spray appears to have burned the surface of his face.

The teens were in the holding area at the Alton Police Department.

Being handcuffed, they clearly posed no threat to the officer — yet we wouldn’t be surprised if the cop ends up claiming he “feared for his life.”

“It was infuriating to me to see an officer coming in and spraying one of these kids, who was handcuffed,” saysJames Gray, the current president of the Alton NAACP.

Gray received the video in his mail and showed it to KMOV which then aired it on television.

The City of Alton happens to be only 15 miles from Ferguson, where the police slaying of

The Police Chief, Jason Simmons, has evidently known about the incident since March — but questions remain as to whether he even did anything to punish the officer seen in the video.

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“Certainly, it raises a red flag and it appears to be a very serious issue,” said Simmons.

“However,” he added, “the issue will be thoroughly investigated by our internal affairs division and everything will be looked over before any type of discipline will be issued.”

Will this be yet another case of police “investigating” themselves and finding they did nothing wrong?

Watch the video below:

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