Cop Pleads Guilty to Raping and Impregnating Child He Was ‘Mentoring’

Jack Burns | The Free Thought Project

Lowell, NC — On Thursday, a fifty-one-year-old Lowell, NC police officer, James Blair, pleaded guilty to felony statutory rape of a child under 15.

He could spend the next 19 years in prison for impregnating a 14-year-old girl he was supposed to have been mentoring.

As The Free Thought Project first reported in September, Blair confessed his sin to the girl’s mother and begged her forgiveness.

At the time of our first story, Blair was awaiting trial and had been on medical leave from his position since June.

In an interview with the mother, immediately following the guilty plea, she told WSOC-TV 9 that the whole incident, “destroyed my family.”

“He manipulated my daughter. He manipulated my family. I would have never thought that an officer would have done this,” she said describing the hurt and pain they’ve been through.

“Like I said, my family is upside down, but we’re trying to pick up the pieces and we’re trying to move on.”

She told reporters that the teenager would carry the baby full term and that it would become part of their family.

She stated she was a religious woman and abortion was not even a consideration.

Yet she was very happy to hear the judge tell Blair to have no contact with her daughter as he was previously doing from jail.

“We’ve got this new baby coming. We’re going to love this baby,” the mother told reporters.

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