Cop Pounds Boy’s Face in the Street, Threatens Witnesses With Gun, After Boy Said “F*ck the Cops”



LOUISIANA — A viral video has surfaced online showing a police officer beating a boy in the street as crowds scream and watch.

Officer Nick Breaux can be seen in the video gripping the 17-yr-old high school student’s throat and forcing him down to the pavement.

Moments later, Officer Breaux clenches his fist and begins pounding the boy over and over again in the face.

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At one point, the crowd of witnesses draws near to observe, but Officer Breaux can be seen grabbing his loaded pistol, as if to threaten to shoot unarmed citizens.

“Back the fuck up! Back up!” Officer Breaux can be heard screaming in the video.

According to the police report, the boy had yelled “fuck the cops” earlier in the night.

At some point Officer Breaux and another officer issued “orders” to the boy, which the boy refused to obey, according to the claims in their police report.

They go on to claim that the boy “was striking” one of the officers.

However, none of this is evident in the video.

The boy had to be hospitalized from the beating and suffered with a laceration above his eye.

Despite being beaten by the cop, it is the boy who is being charged with battery of a police officer, resisting an officer, and inciting a riot.

David Belfield, the boy’s attorney, states that Breaux did not identify himself as being with the police department.

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He was undercover, and it was not until “he had beaten the crap” out of the boy that he finally identified himself.

This article will be updated with more details about whether the officer will be charged or get a paid leave.

Watch the video below: