Cop Previously Charged With Driving Drunk Was Not Fired, Now Reported for Beating Woman


CHATTANOOGA — A police officer has been charged with domestic assault after being reported for hitting his own mother-in-law in her face.

Officer David Catchings was already facing a charge from an incident four months ago when he was suspected of driving drunk.

In that previous incident he was seen driving through traffic lights and almost crashing into other vehicles, was found with empty beer bottles in his vehicle, and failed a sobriety test, according to reports.

He was not fired after the initial incident.

Instead, he was given a paid leave.

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Now he’s been reported for getting drunk again and beating a woman.

Janet Ashford is Officer Catchings’s mother-in-law. She states that she woke up at 3 AM finding Officer Catchings drunk in her home.

He was on the couch at the time, and when Janet told him to leave, Officer Catchings is reported to have struck her in the face.


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Janet states that she was afraid of Officer Catchings, and he dared her to call the police and report him.

“Go ahead, call the cops,” he said — “they will believe me before you, because I’m a cop,” he added, according to reports.

Janet called and reported him anyway.

Unsurprisingly, he has still not been fired; he has been given leave again, during an “investigation” into his conduct.

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