Cop Pulls Gun on Child for Filming, Challenges Him to Fight



via The Free Thought Project
Columbia, MO — On March 7, 2015 Cezan “CJ” Stock and a group of friends were hanging out in their neighborhood in Columbia, when they noticed a Columbia Police Department patrol cruiser approach.

Sergeant Roger Schlude and Street Crimes Officers Chris Papineau were in the area on a “Check Subject” when they parked and began observing the teenagers. Upon spotting the officers, CJ and several other teenagers began using their camera phones to record the officers.

Schlude responded by exiting his vehicle and pointing his service weapon at CJ, while demanding he take his hand out of his pocket. The teen complied but the weapon remained aimed at CJ while the two debated the officer’s actions. Schlude repeatedly tells the teen to “Walk on!”

CJ’s mother, Andrea Brookins, says her son is known for filming his encounters with law enforcement to hold the police accountable for their actions. She believes this has garnered ill-will with members of CPD and leading to situations such as this.

“These officers were trying to intimidate my son from filming the police,” she said in an interview with Citizens for Justice.

As the situation unfolded, Officer Papineau engaged in a verbal argument with CJ, threatening to “mop the floor” with the teen and making fun of his weight, as well as that of a fellow teenager on the scene.

Schlude claims that CJ had been arrested for concealing a firearm on a previous occasion, leading him to fear CJ. Reports indicate the firearm was located in the glove box of his mother’s vehicle, which CJ was driving her vehicle at the time.

Brookins says the firearm belonged to her, stating she has a Second Amendment Right to bear arms. “I have a right to defend myself and they used that to arrest my son in retaliation for his filming the police,” Brookins said.

This gun case against CJ was later dismissed by prosecutors.

Missouri Law specifically states that an individual has a right to keep a firearm concealed in their vehicle, whether or no they have a Conceal and Carry Permit:

Brookins filed complaints against the officers for their actions.

Her complaints against Officer Papinuea for Discourteous, Disrespectful, or Discriminatory Treatment of Any Member of the Public, and Guidelines for Corrective Action were sustained. He received a Written Warning.

Her complaint against Schlude for Excessive Force (Response to Resistance) was marked as

Exonerated and he was cleared of any wrong-doing.

Several months later, officers attempted to pull CJ over while he was on lunch from his job.

Based on this situation, CJ drove to his mother’s house where he peacefully surrendered as Brookins filmed. “I wanted to ensure his safety. He was scared and I could understand why,” Brookins said.


As she filmed, Sergeant Schlude charged and shoved Brookins.

Her video of this situation can be seen here.

Andrea has started a GoFundMe Campaign to help her move her family away from Columbia. Click here to contribute: