Cop Pulls Out His Gun and Executes Small 3-Yr-Old Dog, Claims He “Feared for His Life”

CAMDEN — A family and neighbors are terrified after a police officer pulled out his gun, aimed it at their 3-yr-old golden retriever, and shot it to death, according to reports.

Marley, their pet dog, was never aggressive and was loved by neighbors.

Marley would often play with children and bring them joy when they were leaving the bus on the way home from school.

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Nobody expected a cop to randomly roll up in his car and command the owner to put Marley on a leash.

Rhiannon Wilhite, the dog’s owner, was cooperative and began trying to direct Marley into the house to be leashed, but Marley ran around to the other side of the house instead.

That’s when the officer drew his gun and shot Marley three times, executing the dog, according to reports.

“He shot him once then shot him twice, then there was a pause and he shot him a third time,” Rhiannon said.

Capture2“I heard my kids screaming and I ran into the house,” she added.

The children were devastated, as they considered Marley part of their family and played with him every day.

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“I watched my family member get murdered,” Rhiannon said, in an interview with FOX 4.

The officer, of course, claimed that he “feared for his life” and thought that Marley was about to bite him.

The family reported that the officer simply left Marley’s dead body in the yard after executing him, and left the scene.

Watch the video below (warning: disturbing content):

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