Cop Punches Citizen “For No Apparent Reason,” Steps on Him

Andrew Emmett | The Free Thought Project


Gretna, LA – Caught on video beating a handcuffed man without provocation, a Louisiana cop was recently fired and arrested nearly five months after the incident. According to Gretna Police Chief Arthur Lawson Jr., his department had no knowledge of the needless beating until last month during an internal inquiry.

On April 22, a security camera video captured Officer Robert Wallow approaching a burglary suspect lying on the ground with his hands behind his head.

After holstering his gun, Officer Wallow dragged Carlos Gustavo Pineda across the pavement before repeatedly punching him in the head for no apparent reason.

Despite the fact that Pineda never resisted nor fought back, Wallow immediately kicked him in the ribs after handcuffing the compliant suspect.

While stepping on Pineda’s back, Wallow pulled out his firearm and aimed it at the suspect’s back while appearing to illegally question him.

Although several police officers witnessed Wallow violating Pineda’s civil rights, all of them walked away instead of preventing a fellow officer from breaking the law.

Wallow continued viciously kicking the handcuffed man in the ribs and head in front of another officer without legal justification before dragging him away.

According to Chief Lawson, his department did not learn about the incident until August 25, during an “internal inquiry” into a separate matter.

Four days later, police officials eventually reviewed the April video and decided to finally launch an investigation into the blatant use of excessive force.

“Based on this investigation, and the camera surveillance footage, it is clear that Officer Wallow had committed battery on Mr. Pineda by both striking him with a closed fist as well as kicking Pineda to the head and torso.

At the time of the battery, Carlos Pineda posed no danger to Officer Wallow,” Lawson wrote in a recent statement.

“This is not the brightest of days of the Gretna Police Department,” Lawson continued.

Fired on Thursday, Wallow was arrested on Friday while booked on malfeasance in office and simple battery charges.

After swearing an oath to protect and serve, Wallow appeared on security footage brutally violating the civil rights of a man who had surrendered and allowed Wallow to handcuff him.

Cops without control are simply criminals with badges.

Watch the video below: