Cop Reported for Raping and Deliberately Infecting Nine Women With HIV


KALININGRAD — Women are being asked to come forward immediately if they have had sexual relations with a police officer who was purposely spreading HIV over a 10 year period.

Officer Ephraim has been reported as raping and purposely infecting as many women as he could with the virus.

At least nine women have been identified so far, and many more are expected to be discovered.

A police spokesman said that Officer Ephraim has “shown no remorse” after the reports surfaced.

Officer Ephraim was tested as HIV positive all the way back in 2001.

It is believed that his reign of terror against women started in 2005, when he would stop women by themselves, show them that he was a police officer, and offer to “give them a ride home.”

Many times this would occur late at night.

Once the women were in his vehicle, he would proposition them for sex, according to reports.

If a woman declined the proposition, that’s when Officer Ephraim would begin penetrating them by force, raping them inside his police patrol car.

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“He told her he was a police officer and even showed her his ID,” said one woman, who is friends with a victim.

“Thinking he was genuine and honest, my friend got in and then he drove her to a deserted part of the city and raped her.  He then dumped her on the ground and told her he had HIV and now she did too.”

“He is an evil, evil man,” she continued.

Officer Ephraim was caught when one of the victims was able to memorize his patrol car number and report him.

A police spokesman said “we have had nine women come forward so far, but we suspect there are many, many more.”

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“We are appealing for anyone who was attacked by this man to come forward,” he urged.