Cop Resigns After Peeping on Woman – Then Gets Arrested for Embezzlement


Max Chantha | An Independent Blog

IOWA – Though it may not have been a very good year for Des Moines officer Tarry Pote, it has been good for just desserts.

Pote may finally see jail time after escaping punishment for years.

Pote, a 13-year veteran of the force, has had a checkered history of police work, especially when it comes to female coworkers.

Last year, after it was discovered that Pote had been behaving highly unprofessionally in his relationship with a female police recruit, he was given the light punishment of a month-long suspension.

It would seem that slap of the wrist was not enough to get the message across, because shortly thereafter in January of this year he was caught red handed while peeping on female coworkers changing in the locker room of the police gym.

Unsurprisingly, the same gym he was discovered to be a pervert in was where he had been embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from for years.

Pote was discovered to have stolen around twenty thousand dollars from the police-funded gym where he and his brothers in blue would work out.

He had served as treasurer for the gym, where he accounted for the officer donations that kept the gym running, and over several years made it his personal piggy bank.

Thankfully, after his voluntary resignation for peeping an audit was conducted on the accounts of the gym, where his flagrant theft was soon discovered.

Upon learning of a warrant being out for his arrest, Pote promptly turned himself in.

Cops often boast of – and are derided for – their thin blue line, in which police loyalty is prized above all else.

However, it seems that when opportunistic cops like Pote are confronted with personal gain or sexual satisfaction, they wont hesitate to break the line and betray the trust of not only the public but their supposed brothers.

This will hopefully serve as a wake up call to those cops who believe faithfully in the thin blue line, showing that cops are just people – people who will betray their friends and coworkers for their own selfish interests.

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