Cop Runs Over Citizen and Refuses to Render Aid, Citizen Dies in the Street: Witnesses


Just before 10 PM on Sunday night, witnesses say they saw a police cruiser bolting down the road.

The vehicle’s lights were not on; there was nothing that indicated it was an emergency that the police officer behind the wheel was headed to.

Then there was a loud boom.

Apparently the police vehicle had struck a 21-year-old man.

The impact was so severe it had shattered cruiser’s windshield.

What happened next confused onlookers.

The cop got out of his car, went around the man who lay unconscious on the ground and checked his windshield.

“He put his hands on his hips. And everybody was like, ‘What the fuck are you doing? The guy you hit is on the ground. He’s dying. He’s dying,” says one witness.

According to witnesses, the officer was more concerned about damage to his police car and refused to render aid to the man he had just hit.

A second police officer arrived shortly after the incident and performed CPR on the victim; however, the attempts proved futile.

Some say that if the first officer hadn’t refused to render aid in a timely manner, the victim would have survived.

The man had to be transported to a local hospital where he was declared dead.

The cop was also taken to hospital, the nature of his injuries is still not known – though authorities have confirmed they are not life threatening.

At this stage, there is reason to believe that at least one witness filmed the events following the accident.

However, neither dash cam footage nor the video captured by the bystander have been made public.
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