Cop Says “Awesome!” After Using Shotgun to Blast Family’s Dog in the Head


“I blew her head off… that was awesome!” — Officer Wooley, according to reports | Jackson Parker

Cali was a fun-loving, caring, peaceful family dog. On March 19, 2014, she escaped the backyard fence.

When cops saw the dog, the situation turned tragic.

When the cops pulled up, Officer Brice Woolley stepped out of the car.

WARNING: The images you are about to see are extremely graphic. Discretion is advised.

He then went to his car, pulled out his shotgun and shot Cali in her neck.

After he shot her, he laughed and bragged about how “awesome” it looked when her collar flew off.

She had done nothing to provoke the officer. She died immediately.

Woolley informed the animal control that he had shot the dog.

He was then seen laughing and sneering, saying, “Did you see her collar fly off when I shot her? That was awesome!”

Woolley is then reported to have said, “We’ll just write in the report that it tried to attack people in the neighborhood.”

Police have a history of bragging and laughing after committing horrendous crimes.

A few examples include:

Cali was known to be a friendly and gentle dog, and was never aggressive.
Cali was known to be a friendly and gentle dog, and was never aggressive.

When the owner, Sarah, got there, the officer said, “We shot your dog, she’s dead.”

Imagine, if that was how you found out about the death of your family pet.

Sarah was at a loss of words. She went down to the police station to find out what she could do about this.

Warning: Graphic Images Below


They gave her the run-around and basically told her he was in the right to shoot her dog even with a witness to the crime.



The Police department in Ardmore is known for sweeping many cases under the rug.

More information on Cali’s death, along with protest meet ups and petitions, can be found at