Cop Scratches 4-Yr-Old Child’s Ear Until It Bleeds, Throws His Body Into Wall for “Misbehaving” at School: Report


ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY – Communities and parents are outraged after learning of a horrific case of child abuse in which a police officer is reported to have thrown a defenseless child into a wall.

Officer Jay R. Bellis works with the Leadwood Police Department and is currently facing a felony charge of child abuse.

Officer Bellis is said to have grabbed a small 4-yr-old child and throw the child’s body against a wall.

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The throw was so forceful that the boy’s head was rammed into a nearby cabinet, according to reports.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Officer Bellis also admitted to scratching the child’s ear with his finger nails while pulling on it, causing it to begin bleeding, according to reports.

Officer Bellis claimed that he “lost his temper,” according to reports.

He said the child “misbehaved” at daycare.

How on earth would a child misbehaving during daycare justify a police officer throwing his head against a cabinet and yanking on his ear?

One can only imagine the pain and trauma that the child experienced as the officer’s unclipped finger nails dug into the boy’s skin.

Even assuming the child was bored and decided to misbehave during compulsory state schooling, is this an excuse for a police officer to begin acting like a rabid ghoul and scratching at the child?

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Officer Bellis was re-hired at the Leadwood Police Department.

He was also given a promotion to become a Sergeant, according to reports.

He is now said to have “handed in his badge,” but has been bonded out of jail already.

Watch video below: