Cop Sets Black Woman’s Body on Fire and Shoots Her in the Head: Reports


ATLANTA, GA — Shocking news has emerged from Atlanta, Georgia, according to which a member of the law enforcement community has brutally murdered in an innocent African American woman.

The police officer is said to have kidnapped the woman, set her body on fire, and shot her execution-style in the head as she burned to death.

Officer Tahreem Rana found the woman online after they exchanged some email messages, reports say.

She was found dead in late 2014. Oddly, the mainstream media was largely silent on the matter. He was finally indicted for murder.

Vernicia Woodard likely thought that she could trust the officer when they met online.

Records indicate that she had called Officer Rana a few times, which led to investigators to suspect that Rana was the one who murdered her.

Detectives found the online trail of exchanges online between the two, according to reports.

Office Rana was then located at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

He was headed to Mexico.

It is believed that he planned to flee to India once he arrived in Mexico.

Fortunately, he was stopped in his tracks.

He has been charged for murder, arson, and kidnapping, as well as tampering with evidence.

Stephen Cushing was one of the lead detectives working on the case, and he expressed shock when he heard that Officer Rana was behind the murder.

The reason he was so shocked was that Rana had always dreamed of being a police officer since a young age — evidently this gave his peers reason to make positive assumptions about his character.

But their assumptions were wrong, sadly.

“I’ve been a police officer in the city of Hapeville for 15 years and actually saw this young man grow up and heard him say, ‘When I grow up, I want to be a police officer,” Cushing said.

Officer Rana’s record at the department also give him positive evaluations, describing him as “effective in performance.”

He faced little or no disciplinary actions during his career, according to reports.

We guess he was one of the oft-referenced “good cops.”

That is until this gruesome murder is reported to have taken place.

Why would he be accused of lighting a woman on fire after meeting her online? Details are unclear, but some wonder whether he sexually assaulted the woman, then tried to cover it up by burning her body alive and executing her.

Reports say that his department was “shocked and saddened.”

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