Cop Shoots 95-Yr-Old World War II Veteran to Death in Assisted Living Center


The cop who shot John Wrana to death, rolls into court looking like a pimp.

UPDATE (2/5/15): Cop Found “Not Guilty” for Shooting 95-yr-old WW2 Veteran to Death

As expected, Officer Taylor will not face justice for slaying John Wrana. The Free Thought Project reports the latest news, as follows:

A Park Forest police officer has been acquitted in the death of a 95-year-old WWII veteran. Officer Craig Taylor was acquitted Wednesday of reckless conduct, the one charge he faced for the negligent killing of another human being.

John W. Rana Jr., 95, was killed during an altercation with Park Forest police when they responded a call at his retirement apartment in June of 2013.

The incident began when the police were called to the Park Forest Assisted Living Center after Wrana refused treatment for what the staff believed to be a urinary tract infection.

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UPDATE (1/17/15): Cop Claims 95-yr-old man was a “threat”

John Wrana was a brave man. He actually fought in one of the bloodiest wars America has seen, only to come back and be killed by a coward (pictured above in the pink tie).

Unsurprisingly, Officer Taylor has relied on the defense that he “feared for his life” as a justification to pump five rounds into a feeble old man, according to the latest reports.

The Officer claimed that John Wrana was a “threat.”

“John Wrana was absolutely not an imminent threat, but a confused old man,” the prosecution argued in response.

The cops who use this slogan “I feared for my life” are common cowards and liars — they are the absolute lowest and most dishonorable members of society.

UPDATE: (1/13/15): Trial Begins for Cop Who Shot WW2 Veteran to Death.

Officer Taylor is being charged with reckless conduct, and has replied that he was “just doing his job.”

He was "just doing his job" and "fearing for his life."

He was “just doing his job” and “fearing for his life.”

John Wrana fought for these cops to enjoy freedom, only to be shot by them at 95-yrs-old.

They then handcuffed him and snapped pictures of his body as he laid on the ground bleeding to death.

The trial began Tuesday, January 13th and the defense claims that John Wrana was threatening officers with a “deadly weapon.”

The cops claim that John had a knife, but John’s family said he had a cane, which he only needed to stand and support himself.

It is difficult to see how multiple cops with body armor and riot shields were threatened by this tiny old man to the point of having to shoot him to death.

One of the rounds from the shotgun blew the skin off John’s body, according to the prosecution. The 12 gauge shotgun was equipped with blunt force projectiles known as “bean bag rounds” which travel at 190 mph, and it was used to shoot John from less than eight feet away over and over again, causing his death. The full details and video continue below:

article-2385926-1B307EF9000005DC-868_306x423 CHICAGO — A 95-yr-old WWII veteran has been shot to death after refusing to provide a urine sample to staff at the hospital where he was staying.

The refusal eventually led staff to call the police and report him for being “combative.”

John Wrana, Jr., was just days away from celebrating his 96th birthday as one of the oldest living World War 2 veterans.

He was staying at the Park Forest Assisted Living Center in Park Forest, Illinois.

95-yr-old-WWII-veteran-John-Wrana-Jr. He was alone in his hospital room when the staff believed he was suffering from a urinary tract infection.

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Police officers eventually showed up to the scene to try to get John to cooperate and take the urine sample.

They decided to use force on John since he refused to leave his room.

That’s when Officer Taylor pulled out his 12 gauge shotgun and opened fire on John.

He continued pumping five rounds into John’s body with bean bags from a distance of only six to eight feet away.

That distance is far less than the permissible distance for shooting people with “non-lethal” weapons, according to reports.

John Wrana fell to the ground and bled to death from the shotgun wounds, according to reports.

The Cook County coroner determined that the death was caused by a homicide from blunt force trauma.

Bean bags from shotguns travel at a velocity of 190 miles per hour.

After shooting John to death, the officers handcuffed his limp body, then huddled around and took photos of him.

John Wrana did not commit any crime by staying in his room and refusing to undergo a urine sample.

Police claim that John brandished either a knife or a cane at them.

A feeble 95-yr-old man apparently made them fear for their lives.

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John’s step-daughter reports that he needed a cane to stand up and support himself and that he was not a threat to the officers.


The officer who shot him.

Watch the video below for more details:

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