Cop Shoots Family’s Pet Dog Three Times With Shotgun, Executing It


TULSA – “She’s just a big baby,” said Daniel, the dog’s owner.

“She would never hurt anyone.”

A deeply disturbing report has surfaced according to which a police officer shot a family’s pet dog three times with a shotgun.

The dog, Mia, was just 2-yrs-old.

Daniel’s children were inside the house as the shotgun blasts rang out.

When they looked outside to see what happened, they found Mia’s dead body laying in the grass.

It began when someone saw Mia roaming around the neighborhood and decided to call the police.

Evidently Mia had escaped through a small hole in the fence and wanted to explore.

Neighbors confirm that Mia was friendly and never became aggressive with or bit anybody.

That is when a cop rolled up in his patrol car.

The cop claims that the dog “charged” at him.

But multiple witnesses state that the cop never even got out of his car before gunning down the animal, according to reports.

“He could have honked his horn or got on his speaker in his cop car, because the neighbor told him that it was our dog and where we lived,” Daniel said.

“He shot her in our front yard three times with a shotgun,” he added.

The family is devastated, and they are confused as to why the officer simply didn’t approach them and tell them to bring the dog back to its yard.

The officer could have easily done so; neighbors told him where the dog lived, reports say.

Daniel mentioned that his children and his fiance were inside the home and could have retrieved Mia.

Instead, the officer never told them, and shot the dog three times with a shotgun.

The officer’s name has not yet been released.

Watch the video below: