Cop Shoots Innocent Mother to Death in Front of Her Child, Opens Fire on Pet Dog — Receives Paid Leave With No Charges


UPDATE — Body Cam Footage is Released

The officer’s body cam captured the final moments before he tried to kill the family’s dog, but instead shot the mother to death.

The police decided to only release a small fraction of the body cam footage, and the victim’s family is urging for the footage to be released in its entirety.

Nevertheless, the footage you are about to view is extreme. Discretion is advised.

BURLINGTON, IOWA — Absolutely no charges will be filed against a police officer who opened fire and killed an innocent 34-yr-old woman at her home.

Autumn Steele and her husband posed no threat to the officer, according to reports
The incident began when Autumn and her husband had a family argument with each other.

The argument became a domestic incident, and the next morning Officer Jesse Hill came to the house to “supervise” the situation as the husband and wife planned to part ways.

As the husband was strapping their 4-yr-old son into the car and getting ready to leave, he and his wife began arguing again.

Their dog was outside in the yard with them as they were arguing.

According to witnesses, the dog was being playful.

But Officer Hill pulled out his loaded pistol anyway.

What had started out as a family dispute now escalated into a situation in which a cop was standing in the couple’s yard with a loaded gun and ready to open fire.

The cop began firing rounds at the dog, and as he pulled the trigger he fell backwards to the ground, according to reports.

One would think that Officer Hill would stop firing at this point, but he kept shooting even though he fell to the ground.

That is when he shot Autumn Steele.

The bullet that Officer Hill fired at Autumn ripped through her chest and burned a trail through her vital organs, ending her life.

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Rather than negligence or any other charges, the police are claiming that Officer Hill “slipped” and shot Autumn instead of killing her pet dog.

As a result of his decision to start shooting, an innocent woman is now dead.

One can imagine how the 4-yr-old child must have felt as his mother was gunned down and killed by the officer.

Officer Hill received administrative leave with pay after the fatal shooting.

There are no reports that he has been fired.

The tragic case has made many think twice before involving police in family affairs.

You start arguing with your spouse, when someone decides to get the police involved — the next thing you know there’s a cop in your yard firing bullets at your pet dog and shooting your spouse to death.

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Autumn’s husband was left behind with their 4-yr-old child and never got the chance to resolve the relationship with his wife.

Watch the video below: