Cop Shoots Man With Taser Gun Again and Again Until Man’s Heart Explodes, Dies: Report


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Cops in Oklahoma City pepper sprayed and tased a 47 year old man to death after being called out to help by his girlfriend, according to reports.

Darrell Gatewood was killed Sunday during the incident, which has led to three police officers being suspended pending an investigation.

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Gatewood was described as “acting kind of weird,” by his girlfriend, Ruth Temple, who called 911 and asked police to help defuse the situation.

A family friend also told reporters that Gatewood was breaking things in his apartment, noting “He broke all the glass and started fighting the cabinet, literally boxing it.”

When the cops arrived on the scene, they found Gatewood lying on broken glass inside the apartment.

They dragged him out into the street, and attempted to cuff him to no avail.

Then they broke out pepper spray and tasers.

“They kept saying you’re resisting and fighting. So they kept pulling the trigger on the taser over and over again,” said witness Leeann Mize.

“They should have restrained him inside the house because they could have.” Mize urged.

“They could have put his hands in handcuffs and put him in the back of the police car but instead they drug him out and electrocuted him in a puddle of water.”

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“He would release, Taser again, release, Taser again.” said Mize.

“It was scary and out of line. They killed a husband, a father and a grandfather in front of the grandbabies, wife and the daughter.”

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